Group Opens Criminal Case Against Racist Facebook Poster

A case of crimen injuria has been opened on Friday against a Queenstown woman after she posted a racist rant, referring to Coloureds as ‘hotnots’.

Crimen injuria is defined as the unlawful, intentional and serious impairment of another person’s dignity. In this case, the wording used by the racist poster directly impaired the dignity of Coloured people.

In the post, she said the following:

“You are the product of black mixed with white. You hotnots aren’t even mentioned in the Bible because you weren’t there. It was the common whites who you hate so much that made you with blacks.  You are always ‘proud to be coloured’ like you always say, but you still go and force yourselves on white men and white women and marry the common ones. Because you must be common to marry a hotnot. So go and think about where your offspring comes from. You are the product of the white man.”

The case was opened at the Laaiplek police station by a group that calls themselves, the Khoisan Defiance Campaign. One of its members, Sammy Claasen, said that the racist poster referred to coloured people as ‘hotnots’ and ‘baboons’. “We have obtained information on her whereabouts and we’ve asked police to treat it in the same way as they treated the Vicki Momberg case,”  said Sammy.

The case Sammy refers to is that of real estate agent, Vicki Momberg, who was sentenced to two years in prison. She impaired the dignity of a black police officer by letting loose a tirade of racist insults after he tried to do his job.

The racist poster of the racist attacks against Coloured has deleted her account after a snapshot of her post went viral.