Ian Neilson Brings Motion to Strip Patricia de Lille of Mayoral Powers

Cape Town Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, will on Thursday table a motion to strip Mayor Patricia De Lille of her Mayoral powers, making her only a ceremonial mayor.

The motion proposes to designate all authority to the Mayco who will decide on matters by consensus. As per the motion, Mayor Patricia de Lille will have no authority to make any decisions.

Another telling part of the motion is that all travel requests will be decided by the Mayco. This will effectively curtail the movement of the Mayor, making it nearly impossible for her to move beyond her office.

Neilson’s actions might be motivated by the humiliating defeats he has receiving over the past few weeks.

After the DA removed Mayor de Lille from her Mayoral position in early May, Neilson was sworn in as acting Mayor.

A week later, the courts reversed that decision and reinstalled the Mayor to her position, making the Neilson the shortest serving Mayor in the history of Cape Town.

This led to a flood of memes on social that mocked Neilson, telling him to return the Mayoral chain and referring to him as a ‘Weekend Special’.

After Mayor de Lille was restored to her elected position, Neilson confidently stated that Mayor de Lille would be a ceremonial Mayor, who will only be allowed to drink tea in her office.

The Mayor however served Neilson another humiliating blow by actively resuming her duties as Mayor and ignoring what some has referred to, as his ‘childish’ comments.

It has also been speculated that Neilson has been plotting to become Mayor since last year.

In a Whatsapp message that was leaked last year, Blaauwberg councillor, Joy McCarthy, was heard wishing Neilson a happy birthday and wishing him well on his objective of taking the ‘hot seat’.

It is speculated that the hot seat refers to the Mayoral seat.

This also serves as another humiliating blow, given that Mayor de Lille has ignored Neilson after he told the media that he is “in charge” and that Mayor de Lille has “left the building”.

Unfortunately for Neilson, Mayor de Lille is still very much in the building.