Little Shannon Goes from Being Bullied to Helping Others

Shannon with her mom, Audrey

At just nine years old, Shannon Miseroole is one of the youngest persons to achieve a Level 1 First Aid certificate in the country.

The shy little girl from Lotus River, who was a victim of bullying for almost two years at her primary school, graduated as the youngest in her First Aid class this month.

Shannon was in Grade 3 at Plantation Primary in Grassy Park last year when she told her shocked mom, Audrey, of the bullying.

Audrey said the matter had finally been resolved and Shannon was happy to be back at school.

“I got her involved in different activities to take her mind off the bullying and she chose First Aid because she said she wanted to help people,” says the mom.

Michael, her first aid facilitator, says Shannon is his youngest student yet.

“Usually children who are bullied become bullies themselves and a cycle is started. Shannon was hurt, but she decided to help people,” says Michael.

“I am really excited about how well she has done and am thinking it might be a great idea to incorporate it into lessons at school.”

Audrey says she is proud of Shannon and everything her little girl has achieved.

“Despite everything that had happened at the school, she has persevered and become stronger.”

Shannon adds: “I just want to help people and I know I can do it now.”

Source: (written by Saafia February, edited)