Mayor de Lille Responds to Possible Fraudulent Bowman’s Report

The following is a press release written by Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille, in response to the possibly fraudulent Bowman’s Forensic Report. Bowman Gilfillian speaks with forked tongue It is with great disappointment and dismay that I once again have to deal with the repercussions of Council information, which was leaked maliciously by faceless, nameless and useless people, to injure my good name. I have repeatedly taken issue with the credibility of Bowmans, ever since the inception of this investigation. The initial report issued by Bowmans, on 29 December 2017 made a number of “factual findings” which were inaccurate or simply baseless. I wrote to them on 3 January 2018 requesting them to retract a number “recommendations” made by themselves on issues which they had not even questioned me on. My request for them to delete misinformation in that report was met with their rejection. On 5 January 2018, when Council adopted the unedited report, even though I went on the record to say that there were a number of material factual errors up which Bowmans made “highly prejudicial ‘findings’, ‘conclusions’, and ‘recommendations’”. There are currently two different Bowman’s reports that I have now received on the same subject matter. Bowmans Report Number 1 does NOT find me guilty of not taking a report to council, because in law the onus would be on the City Manager to take reports on Executive Directors to Council. Nothing in law prevented the City Manager from tabling the matter. Bowmans Report Number 2 does find me guilty on the basis that I allegedly tried to influence the City Manager in him trying to fulfil his duties. I cannot understand how the same company conducting the same investigation, on the same charge can come to two different conclusions. One such ‘factual finding was that I had provided the Democratic Alliance Leader, Mr Mmusi Maimane, a copy of forensic reports. Mr Maimane later confirmed in writing that I had not given him any documents. I was defamed. I was embarrassed by the false accusations, but I still welcomed the investigation, and actively participated when my turn came. I was therefore shocked when almost six months later, on 1 June 2018 at around 6am on Radio 786, Alderman JP Smith was recorded saying the following about my alleged conduct: “The Bowman Gillfillan report has multiple findings, prima facie findings, that says, the she misled Council. To the point that Full Council voted to take the investigation against her further. And those findings will be out in due course, and I can’t wait for them to be out.” I wrote to Bowmans on the same day to say that my understanding was that the investigation was still ongoing, and I was therefore perturbed about what Alderman JP Smith was basing his excitement on, because he clearly had access to information I was not privy to. At that stage the report could not even have included my version of the alleged events because Thad not yet provided my written responses. Once again, Bowmans vehemently denied that they had shared any information, despite evidence to the contrary. Similarly, on Sunday 12 August, Deputy Mayor Alderman lan Neilson was quoted in the Sunday Times, having said the following: “I think they were due to report to us this month but the latest information is that it has been delayed.” Again, I wrote to Bowmans to inquire whether someone from Bowmans was in contact with the Deputy Mayor because he clearly has an expectation to receive information. Bowmans once again denied the confidentiality breach despite evidence to the contrary. So I am not surprised that there has once again been a very strategic leak of information whilst | was away on official business for three days. This is consistent with the smear campaign that I have been the subject of since in the inception of this investigation last year. It is very convenient for all my adversaries to accept whatever “recommendations” are, because it suits their agenda to malign me. It is in this context that I wish to reserve my rights in terms of the “findings”, “conclusions” and ‘recommendations” in both reports. I will subject myself to all the necessary processes to have my name cleared.