Minister de Lille in bid to Fire Fraudulently Appointed Officials

Once again proving why she was given such a high profile position, the Minister of Public Works, Patricia de Lille has approached the issue of irregular appointments with no fear or favour.

As reported by IOL, Minister de Lille will be approaching the high court to set aside appointments in her department of officials that were irregularly appointed.

Her decision comes after an investigation by the Public Service Commission found that 688 officials were irregularly appointed since 2017.

Not mincing her words, she said that she intends to remove all of these individuals including 12 senior managers.

She also intends to take disciplinary action against those that were involved in the appointments.

For the process to be complete, the affected employees will first be allowed, as required by law, to file a response to their imminent dismissal.

Although the Minister had begun this process within the first two weeks of appointment, certain processes and procedures had to be followed to adhere to the letter of the law.

After the dismissal process has been finalised, the Minister will immediately start with the process of hiring qualified staff.

Minister de Lille has also started investigating why service providers have not been paid and have already ensured that 70% of backlogs had been resolved.

She also stated that if service providers are not paid within the required 30 days, there will be consequences.


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