Quinton Wins Africa’s Industrialist of the Year Award

Quinton Uren is a genuine self-made man. His remarkable rise to the top was recognised when he was named Africa’s Industrialist of the Year.

The award, which forms part of the All Africa Business Leaders Awards, aims to honour business excellence and game changing, visionary leadership. It was hosted by international broadcaster, CNBC, at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Quinton’s award was in recognition of having taken a small, one bedroom business and turning into multinational company that generates hundreds of millions in revenue. Today his company, JENDAMARK Automation, is an automotive engineering firm that exports manufacturing assembly solutions to 18 countries worldwide. It has offices in Asia, Europe and the US.

Of the award Quinton says that it was a “massive recognition for what Jendamark as a South African company, has achieved in the export market”. He does not consider the award to be his own. He gives credit to his long time business partners and the “home-grown talented team” that makes sure that the company is an international success.

He says that as South Africans, “we need to believe in ourselves and our local talent and apply ourselves to the available global markets.”

On a personal level, he says that the award showed that anyone could make it. He explains: “As someone who was classified as Coloured, I come from an underprivileged background. There were no silver spoons, just having the correct intent, hard work and taking advantage of the opportunities I got. Today, there are fewer barriers than before and with the technologies that are available to most, young people have amazing tools to succeed. I have hope and proof that it’s possible.”