Rumour Has It, Mayor de Lille will NOT be Resigning

It was reported on Wednesday morning that Patricia de Lille has decided to withdraw her decision to resign from her position as Executive Mayor of Cape Town. This decision reportedly came after the DA released a questionable forensic report in what has been seen by many as a smear campaign. It can be presumed that the smear campaign had started after rumours began circulating that the Mayor plans on reviving the Independent Democrats and running for the position of Premier. One of the Mayor de Lille’s closest allies during his time in the legislature, Rodney Lentit, had confirmed that he had advised the Mayor to not resign because of the smear campaign.
He has also confirmed that a press briefing will be held on Wednesday after the Mayor returned from her trip to UK, where she attended and chaired the Global Parliament of Mayors conference. A source within the DA had confirmed that they have heard of the rumour and stated that if she does not resign, she will be removed by a motion of no confidence. The DA’s had failed in its last two attempts to remove through a motion of no confidence.