Sasha-Lee Olivier Takes Over Duties of Miss SA

With South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi having taken the Miss Universe crown, Sasha-Lee Olivier will be taking over the duties of Miss South Africa.

Sasha-Lee is the Miss SA runner up and recently took part in the Miss World Pageant.

As the new Miss Universe, Zozibini can no longer focus on her role as Miss SA and this means that the first runner up, Sasha-Lee, has to take over.

Sasha-Lee’s biography states that the 26-year-old is an entrepreneur and model, currently pursuing a double major in marketing and psychology at The University of the Witwatersrand.

She is also the founder of the ‘Blue Jersey Foundation”, an organisation which aims to help small firms direct some of their profits into socially uplifting projects.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, Sasha-Lee recently started a fund to raise money “buy, pack and distribute Rape Comfort Packs” which include a variety of hygiene products and a teddy bear.

This cause is close to her heart because of the fact that she was sexually abused by a close relative from the age of 7 to 11.

She says that the traumatic experience resulted in her blaming herself and carrying a great deal of shame.

Because of her own experiences, the pack contains a note to reassure the sexual abuse and assault survivors that it is not their fault.

Through her efforts, she hopes to restore their dignity of survivors such as herself.

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