School Asks Coloureds to Wear Bling and Takkies for Heritage Day

A Johannesburg school has been accused of promoting discriminatory racial stereotyping after it asked learners s to wear offensive ‘cultural attire’ for a Heritage Day event.

As reported by the Roodepoort Northsider, a poster was distributed by the ‘The King’s School West Rand’ to learners and parents, in which the various cultures and ethnicities were listed.

A description of each culture was included as well suggestions on what could be worn by learners within each culture.

The poster did not however give any description of what constitutes Coloured culture and merely advised Coloureds to wear ‘BLING!’ and takkies.

The accompanying picture was that of people wearing several shiny gold chains and of course, takkies.

This understandably left Coloured parents fuming, with one parent going as far as to accuse the school of asking Coloureds to dress “in a gangster-like fashion”.

Another parent suggested that the school needs ‘some sort of educational culture and transformation’.

“They need serious integration in their mindset. This is really not okay. Do they not know how racially tense our country is? This behaviour is offensive,” said the parent.

Approached for comment, the principal, Ken Langley, stated that he had apologised to the parents “for causing unintentional offence” and appealed “to them that we continue engaging with one another”.


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