School Embraces Science and Technology

By Salette Cloete (Netwerk24)

Brooklands Primary School has a vision of creating a better school with learners exposed to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Principal William Shand is for this very reason incorporating the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programme at his school.

He even got exchange students from India to come and share their research in this field with the learners.

Lino Yovan and Ganesh Khatei from the Manipal Institute of Technology, one of the top private engineering colleges in India, have been doing research at the University of Stellenbosch while they have been in the country.

These two visited the school last week to share their knowledge and also help the teachers to improve their teaching of these subjects.

Lené Paulse, Science teacher at the school, says this programme has really made a huge difference. “You can see they take note and want to learn. I also include different methods in my teaching to make it interesting for the learners.”

Paulse said she thought that since it is school holidays, the kids might fall out one by one after Monday. “But they even showed up before me and wanted to know when they can start.”

Timiney Malgas (13) said she loves geography and wants to become a pilot. “I have already done my homework and know what it will take to become a pilot.”

Zoë Witbooi (13) said she is fascinated with the human brain and wants to become a neurosurgeon. “I did job shadowing at Tygerberg Hospital, but was unfortunately not allowed in theatre.”

Cameron October (12) says what stood out for him about this week is that one can turn cow dung into fuel.

Shand says he has made excellence the school’s mantra.