South Africans Teachers Wanted in New Zealand


If you have a teaching qualification, New Zealand is looking to recruit you.

In a statement released by the New Zealand Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, it was revealed that the country will be facing a teacher shortage in 2019

Driven mainly by an increase in the number of learners, the country will need at least 650 primary teachers and 200 secondary teachers.

“We know that some schools and parents, particularly in the Auckland area but also in pockets around the country, are concerned that not enough teachers are coming into the system, and we are determined to pull out all the stops to meet next year’s projected shortfall,” Hipkins said.

“We’re committing an extra $10.5 million, on top of the $29.5 million already announced since late last year, to ramp up teacher recruitment initiatives and increase funding for schools – bringing funding to $40 million this year to fill vacancies.”

Other in-demand areas include  Southland and Queenstown/Wanak which are facing demand for primary teachers, while  Northland and Tauranga are facing pressure for secondary teachers.



As part of its efforts to recruit teachers, the Education Ministry directly emailed 6000 overseas teachers who’ve registered an interest in working in New Zealand.

The Ministry is targeting countries with teaching qualifications that are similar to New Zealand.

This countries include the UK, Ireland Canada, Australia, Fiji and of course, South Africa.