Sporting Powerhouse, Malikah Hamza, Help Make World a Better Place

She was the youngest South African hockey player to scoop a professional sponsorship contract, the only female cricketer in the world to be sponsored by Slazenger and despite being only 13, she is the Western Province’s under 16 girls cricket captain. Considered by many to be the best young female athlete in the country, 13 year old Malikah Hamza is using her growing fame to make the world a better place for kids with autism.

Malikah’s interest in helping autistic kids was inspired by her close relationship with two of her cousins that lives with disabilities. They made her realise that, if given the chance, every person living with a disability can live a normal life and reach their potential like everyone else. Raising funds is Malikah’s way of giving kids living with autism a fighting chance to be the best that they can be. Given the fact that she was constantly undermined by the boys that she beat in sports, she knows a thing or two about fighting to get a chance to prove herself.

This is not her first time contributing positively towards society. When she was 9, she decided that for every three goals she scores in hockey, she would donate a loaf of bread to those who needed it. She called this the ‘Goals for Loafs’ campaign and since then, she has been a consistent top scorer,  scoring a total of 1208 goals and donating over 600 loafs of bread. Malikah is also an ambassador for good causes like the Cape Town Big Walk and a water saving awareness campaign.

Malikah says that it makes her happy to be able to give and make a difference, no matter how small that difference is. She encourages everyone to do the same because the world can only become a better place if you take action. She donates all the money she collects for autistic kids to the Nosh for Josh Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of and help children living with autism spectrum disorder.

If you want to read more about Malikah, click HERE.

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