Women Chase Down Anthea Thopps Murder Suspect

In Beaufort West, it is becoming the case that when you strike a woman, you strike a rock.

On Wednesday, the police identified a 35-year-old suspect for the murder of the 30-year-old Beaufort West mother, Anthea Thopps.

This was after the investigating officer, Sergeant Chris Okkers, gathered enough evidence to justify the arrest, some of which include Anthea’s phone which was traced to the suspect.

Believed to be a family friend of Anthea’s, the police tracked the suspect in Delo Street, and after realising that he was about to be arrested, ran.

The community of Beaufort West however, was having none of it.

Along with the police, they started chasing the suspect, most of whom were women, eventually cornered him in an outside toilet, cowering in fear.

The anger of women over being murdered and raped has grown tremendously over the years, so the suspect was lucky that the police prevented them from getting their hands on him.

“He was arrested on the spot and brought to the Beaufort-West SAPS, where he was processed and detained,” says the police.

Once he is charged, he will appear in the Beaufort West Magistrate’s Court on Monday.