15 hours a day on a Ghost and a prayer

Cycling 1,500km from Pretoria to Cape Town might seem like a crazy idea, but it is all in a day’s work for social entrepreneur Lindsay van der Byl.

Van der Byl embarked on the life-changing journey, hoping it would change the lives of many people who are unable to read.

With minimum sponsorship, he was determined to prove his endurance and the possibility of one man to cycle and make a change.

Using his social media platforms to document his journey, Van der Byl rode up to 15 hours a day on a sponsored Ghost tubeless bicycle to reach the steps of parliament in nine days, excluding his three-day rest.

Without a bicycle until the week before he embarked on his journey, Van der Byl trained for five months in a gym.

“The journey was not easy, my muscles were fine but at some point I had gone 55km with no water and tried flagging down motorists for help, until a truck driver threw oranges at me which kept me going,” he said.

The 30-year-old said he also had his own challenges.

Raising awareness on reading and its importance was his contribution to seeing to it that South Africans become educated.

Next on his list is to raise awareness about alcohol and drug abuse because, he said, as a child he was exposed to alcohol and sold drugs before dedicating his life to fitness and social change.

Hesaid his next challenge was to train hard before taking on the mighty Kilimanjaro in October.

Source: Times Live (edited)