Dr. Joshua Gives Back to his Community…. Again

Dr. Joshua helping a patient at his free clinic, and being assisted by a volunteer.

As a child, Dr. Joseph Joshua had promised that he would give back to his community someday, and he seems to be doing just that.

Dr. Joshua is a South African Dentist who practices in Holland, but returns to South Africa every year, not for a holiday, but to help his community through his free dental clinic.

This year is no exception, as Dr. Joshua will once again be running his Free Dental Clinic for the disadvantaged people of the greater Saldanha Bay community.

Having started this project 5 years ago, Dr.Joshua has helped thousands of people who cannot afford dental services.

By running this Free Dental Clinic, Dr. Joshua gives people from struggling communities a chance to have their teeth seen to by someone who is not only excellent at his job, but who also has a great, giving heart and who wants to uplift people.

Of course, Dr Joshua cannot help thousands of people on his own.

He has a team of volunteers that helps at his clinics as well as people donating to the huge cost of running the clinic.

He is also recognized for his contribution to South Africa by the South African Embassy in The Hague and the Mayor of the Saldanha Bay Municipality.

He has also been interviewed on several television programmes, radio stations and newspapers.

The Free Dental Clinic will be run from the 6th to the 18th of August 2018. If you want to contribute your time and/or resources to the clinic, or just to find out more about it, you can contact Mrs Joshua at 022 714 2620 or email her at cynthiajoshua09@gmail.com. You can also read our previous article on Dr. Joshua by clicking HERE!