Kids Collects Bottle Tops to Buy a Wheelchair

Ethan (middle) with his bottle top collecting friends

In February 2016, little 8 year old Ethan Solomon from Bergvliet (Cape Town) wanted to help another kid buy a wheelchair, but he didn’t know how to do it. With the help of his mother, Deidre, he found out that he could buy a wheelchair if he collected 50000 bottle tops. He got his friends, Jared Heeger (9), Kairo Arendse (4), Josh Heeger (4) and Erin Heeger (11), to help and soon other kids from the neighbourhood also joined in.

It took them 34 weeks to collect their first target of 50000 bottle tops and soon, they were handing over two wheelchairs to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and St Joseph’s Home for chronically ill children.

“Ethan was so excited. He loved it so much. It also shows the result of the hard work we put in for so many months. I’m so glad that it worked out,” says Deidre. She says that they got help from family to strangers which was amazing. She says that what is even more amazing is that they met new people along the way who encouraged the kids along the way.

Deidre says that nothing could beat the joy on their faces when they finally handed over the wheelchairs and they have now set themselves a target to collect enough bottle tops for four wheelchairs. They have thus far collected 370000 bottle tops.

Source: News24 (Edited from an article by Tiyese Jeranji)