Kids Helping Kids

Children who attend Parent’s Haven, a family support initiative in Uitsig, are doing their bit to help sick children at the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital by collecting plastic bottle tops to raise funds for medical treatment.

About 12 learners have been collecting the plastic bottle tops daily and are also learning more about recycling while doing so. The children have been collecting the plastic bottle tops since June last year and have carried on with the project because they understand the importance thereof.
Parent’s Haven also collects other recyclable material which is then exchanged for money that helps keep the initiative up and running.

Cherol Meyer, coordinator of Parent’s Haven, says she is amazed at how involved the children are in the project and how excited they are every time they collect the batches of caps. “I think it has given them a lot of confidence to know they are involved in something much bigger and it teaches them to appreciate what they have, too,” Meyer says.

Parent’s Haven is not only there for parents and children who come from difficult backgrounds and in need of support and guidance, but they are also there to teach the children about helping others. The facility plays a big role in keeping the children off the streets and out of harm’s way.
They recently started an aftercare programme to accommodate learners who need a place to do their homework or study after school. The programme keeps children safe after school while their parents are at work and also helps them with their homework.

Source: Netwerk24 (edited from an article written by Astrid Februarie)