Natachia Brings Joy to those with Disabilities

Natachia with two of the participants at the Sinsonke Protective Workshop

Natachia Williams says that too many people with disabilities are being abused by the those that should be taking care of them. Her job is to make sure that these persons are being treated with dignity and care, a job she has been doing for the past 13 years.

Saldanha Bay’s, Natachia works for the Siyabonge Care Village, an organization that helps to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities, including those with disabilities. She is in charge of the Sinsonke Protective Workshop in Vredenburg, which provides skills and opportunities for persons with disabilities in a safe and friendly environment.

Natachia was recently honoured at a gala event by the Saldanha Bay municipality for her work with persons with disabilities in an event organized by the municipality, ArrcelorMittal and Sea Harvest. She is also in charge of Huis Natachia, a centre which provides residential care for persons with disabilities. As you would have guessed by now, the centre was named after her.

In addition to working long hours helping people and taking care of her family, she is also completing her degree in social work. She admits that all of these things added up put a lot of strain on her, but she believes that in the end, all the sacrifices will be worth it. She does however add that if it weren’t for the wonderful team of people that works for her, she might not have been able to get through the tougher days.

She says her dream is to have her own facility someday which will provide a place of safety for persons with disabilities. She is especially passionate about protecting them against the abuses they suffer on a daily basis. For the time being, she is just taking the challenges as it comes along. As long as she can help people, she’s happy.

Source: (translated and edited from an article by Yaël Malgas)