Parents Unite Against Drugs in their Community

Neighbourhood Watch members chatting with police

A group of mommies and daddies in the Mitchells Plain are working hard to get rid of drug dealers and users in their parks in the hopes of creating a safer community.

The parents are members of the Highlands Village Neighbourhood Watch and recently became one of the first watches in Mitchells Plain to receive their official accreditation.

Watch chairperson, Byron de Villiers, says while parents have been patrolling the area for the past eight years, the watch was established two years ago.

With the help of the community, the watch focused their efforts on a park in Magnolia Avenue for Youth Month after noticing an increase in drug users and other “dodgy characters”.

Byron said that they noticed more and more of drug dealers coming into their neighbourhood to sell drugs and they were also concerned about the park becoming too dilapidated for the kids to play in.

Instead of complaining, these proactive patrollers dressed warmly each night and patrolled their park and even managed to catch a drug dealer with several types of drugs on him.

Byron says the community decided to take a stand against drug addiction by hosting events for the youth in the park.

The event was meant to take back their space from the “druggies” and they were grateful for the number of sponsors that came forward to sponsor the event.

Says Byron, “We had jumping castles and handed out gatsbys. We wanted to show the criminals that we are not going to let them take over our park, this is a place for children to play and just be children.”

If you live in Highlands Village and would like to join the neighbourhood watch, call Byron on 071 449 5496 or email

Source: (edited from an article written by  Monique Duval)