Matric Week: Dhilshaad Does Manenberg Proud with 7 Distinctions

Congratulations to the Leadership College’s top achiever, Dhilshaad Adonis, for achieving 7 distinctions and doing so under difficult circumstances. She says that she is just happy that she made her mother proud.

Dhilshaad’s mother, who is a single parent, is a taxi driver and works seven days a week to put food on the table. Dhilshaad says that the taxi industry is dangerous and she wants to work hard so that her mother does not have to work in that industry anymore.

She says living in Manenberg and trying to do well in school is not easy. In addition to worrying about her mother’s safety, she has to dodge bullets from gangsters and she struggles to concentrate because of the music that is constantly blasting from neighbour’s homes. However, this did not hold her back and she is even more determined to succeed in life.

Dhilshaad, who has been accepted at all the Universities in the Western Cape, will be majoring in accounting at Stellenbosch University.

Founded in 2010 by Manenberg local, Ashra Norton, The Leadership college is a free school located in Manenberg that takes in students that are academically strong but cannot afford to attend the more expensive schools. The school provides the students with uniforms, stationary and other expenses for the kids. Ashra was also an academically strong student but her family could not afford the fees to send her to university when she was accepted to study pharmacy. The school aims to get their students into university so that they can avoid being trapped in poverty. The school obtained a 92% pass rate for 2017.

Source(s): IOL (edited from an article written by Zodidi Dano), other sources