The Reverand, Dr. Allan Boesak, Honoured with a Book

An emotional Allan Boesak was recently honoured with the book, ‘A Life in Black Liberation Theology’, at the United Reformed Church of South Africa (Uniting) in Benoni. The book was launched at the end of December by its authors, Prof. Mary Anne Plaatjies van Huffel, Charles Flaendorp en Nathan Philander, all three lifelong members of the church.

Mary Anne says that the first question people usually ask her is, ‘why a book about Allan?’
“I just felt that there were many ministers, students, ordinary people and fellow theologians, who were in one way or another affected by Allan personally or professionally,” said Mary Anne. “He currently lives in America and is a lecturer there and I felt it was the appropriate time to honour him. He never received recognition in South Africa for his contribution to the dignity of brown people or what he meant to everybody during the apartheid years.”

Dr. Boesak resigned from the church after being attacked at the meeting of the Synod for the way in which he denounced the church’s position on homosexuality. In that Synod, he said that everyone should accept each other regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation and was opposed to the church discriminating against gay members. During the days of the struggle against apartheid, he had always held the position that religion should not be used as a tool for justifying discrimination.

Dr. Boesak was the main force behind the founding of the United Democratic Front (UDF). Dr. Boesak formally launched the UDF in Mitchell’s Plain in 1984 and by 1986; it was the largest and most powerful anti-apartheid group in South Africa.

Source(s): Netwerk24 (translated and edited from an article written by Avril Fillies), other