Janine Creates Life Saving, Icelet Bracelet

What happens when a loved one ends up in a situation where they aren’t able to communicate the most basic of information? This is the question that was on the mind of Janine De Grill when she developed the Icelet Device, a bracelet that provides medics with the necessary information that could help save the life of someone who is in a situation where they can’t speak.

Janine started developing her device after her daughter was involved in car accident in 2012, sustaining a head injury which made it impossible for her (daughter) to communicate with the medics. Prior to her daughter’s injury, her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease that once again made it impossible for her father to communicate in emergency situations.
Janine noticed that there was no tools or apps that could provide important lifesaving information to the medics and doctors about a patient when that patient is unconsciousness or suffers from diseases like Alzheimer’s. Realising that there is a need for such a  tool, she began to develop the bracelet and soon she developed her idea into a business.

The Icelet is basically a device with a QR code, a block shaped picture that contains vital information. If, for example, someone is involved in an accident, the medics will arrive on the scene and scan the QR code to retrieve the information. The information retrieved include the patient’s name, address, medical history, medical aid details, doctors number, and it has a picture of the patient on it.

Janine, who refers to herself as a ‘mom-trepreneur’, started production of the device in this year and it is already in high demand.

If you want to know more about the Icelet, go to the Janine’s company Facebook Page or you can check out her profile.

Source: LeadSA


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