Carl Creates Top Rated Water Saving App

Carl (left) with his brother, Matthew

The water may be flowing in Cape Town but the water crisis is still not over. As South Africans, we need to continue saving water and that is exactly what Carl Marks set out to do.

The 31 year old Carl, with the help of his big brother, Matthew Jnr, has launched a water saving app that is aimed at fighting the war against Day Zero.

The app makes it really easy for people to find information about the water crisis. Instead of browsing the internet for ages trying to find the right information, the app gives you everything you need with the click of a button.

All the information that you receive through the app is sourced from the City of Cape Town; Green Cape and Randwater.

Mark, who was Born and raised in Eastridge (Mitchell’s Plain), says that he has always had a passion for technology. As a kid, his incredibly supportive parents, Lena and Matthew Snr, had a problem with him taking everything apart to see what’s inside, including his toy cars and PlayStation. He jokes that the only reason he didn’t study IT is because the line for business management was shorter. He says however that without his Business Management knowledge, he would never have launched his water app so easily.

Mark and his brother are planning to launch more apps to extend their technological footprint.

He launched his app in Beacon Hill, which is very significant to him, as both Carl and Matthew attended Beacon Hill High. As former students, they wish to empower the youth by teaching them about the water crisis. The brothers say that the youth are the future, and the answer to solving the drought problem lies with them.

Even though the drought is still with us, we can overcome it if we continue to implement water-saving methods. With the help of Carl’s app, our lives will be flooded with information that will save us from being drowned by Day Zero.

If you want to check out their app, ‘Cape Town Drought Info’, it is available to download on Google Play and will soon be available on Apple iStore—for free! When the app was launched on Google Play, it was trending at #4.