The Life of the Trendsetting, Hip-Hop Barber, Brandon Court

Whether it’s being invited to hip hop parties in Australia or doing charity work for kids, this is just an ordinary day in the life of a barber. Well, maybe not, but it certainly is for Lansdowne’s Brandon Leigh Court.

The 27 year old Brandon, who is the owner of MobileCutz, is considered a trendsetter in the barber industry and is heavily immersed in the fast-growing sneaker sub-culture.
His passion for cutting hair started when his father, who works in the shipping industry, returned home from work one day with a hair-cutting machine. After completing matric, Brandon starting cutting his friend’s hair for R10 a cut, often walking a few kilometres from his home in Lansdowne to their Crawford homes. With this little bit of experience behind him, he got a job at his first barber shop, earning R14 a cut. He did everything, from sweeping floors to cutting hair. His friends had good jobs and partied on weekends while he worked on improving his barbering skills, only resting on Sundays. However, the pay was lousy and he became frustrated and hungry for greater things.

Brandon had always told his mother that he will not be going to work at Pick n Pay and being bored for the rest of his life. “I’d rather do my own thing and be happy,” says Brandon. A determined Brandon then started his own mobile hair cutting business and two years later, his business has expanded to the point where he had to hire employees.

The trendsetting Brandon is a favourite on the hip-hop party scene as well as being a favourite among some of SA’s hottest celebrities. He recently attended rapper Youngsta’s party at the River Club in Observatory and a few weeks ago, he gave popular rapper Riky Rick the “Boss Zonke” cut. Brandon says that the hairstyle goes with the fashion and barbering is another element in hip hop culture. Last year, he successfully set up shop at the Sneaker Exchange, where hundreds of sneaker fans came to hear DJs play the latest rap music from top artists such as Emtee.

Most importantly, Brandon volunteers cutting children’s hair for free at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. “Some of the children are really ill,” he said. “One girl had no energy and she didn’t talk. It’s hard to put a smile on their faces, but at least I helped freshen them up.”
At a children’s home in Rondebosch, the children are more lively. “They wanted funky styles and fades and wouldn’t listen to the teachers. They wanted to show skin. But I gave them a schoolboy cut, short on the sides.”

In addition to cutting hair, Brandon is also a part-time DJ, produces music and he loves playing basketball. He is the full hip-hop package: barber, DJ, producer, and a man with a heart of gold.

Source: IOL (edited)