Dann-Jaques and Abdurahgmaan Wins SAFTA Acting Awards

Congratulations to Dann-Jaques Mouton and Abdurahgmaan Adams for taking home acting awards at this year’s SAFTA’s. Both actors won for the movie, Noem My Skollie, with Dann-Jaques winning for best actor and Abdurahgmaan winning for best supporting actor.

Noem My Skollie tells the story one man’s experience growing up in the Cape Flats, his descent into a life of crime and his eventual redemption. After getting caught in a robbery and sentenced to two years in prison, he uses his storytelling skills to avoid most of the horrors of prison life. It is based on the true life story of the scriptwriter, John W. Fredericks.

The Namibian born Dann-Jaques plays the lead character, AB Lonzi, a man who is forced by circumstances into a life of crime but finds that he can change and become a better man.
Abdurahgmaan plays the character of Mr C, a gang leader, drug merchant, and father of one of the AB’s friends, Gimba. He wants his son to take over the family business and plays a critical part in the decision that AB has to make.

Noem My Skollie has attracted both critical acclaim and unfortunate controversy. David Manuel, the actor who plays the role 28’s gang leader, Gums, was assaulted last year by real life members of the 28’s. The movie delves into the sexual assault that occurs in jail and Gums is shown as someone who has a tendency to sexually assault the newer inmates. During the assault on David, he was accused of portraying the 28’s as a gang that likes to sodomise young boys. Noem My Skollie is not a romanticised version of gangsterism. It accurately portrays what happens to young boys when they enter the prison system and it is not easy film to watch. It makes young people think twice about wanting to join a gang.

Abdurahgmaan is an acclaimed  veteran of both the stage and screen. He has been nominated twice for the much acclaimed Fleur de Cap Theatre award and he currently plays the role of Ian October in the kykNET, Suidooster soapie.
Dann-Jaques is a relative newcomer and since having graduated from UCT, has performed mostly on stage. He currently plays the popular and scandalous character of Justin Booysen on the SABC soapie, 7de Laan.